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“Songs of Deception”
Front Back Cover Time In
a new cd on
Setoladimaiale records (located in Italy)
by the Mérida Encuentro
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“Time In”
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Blaise Siwula alto/tenor/sop sax
Eric Plaks piano
recorded: Aug. 26th, 2015 Wombat Studios.
engineer - Ross Bonadonna
mixing/mastering - Blaise Siwula
artwork - Blaise Dehon
available as a cd 15.00 USA and
20.00 international (shipping incl.)


also available on CD Baby as a digipak and digital download

“Beneath the Ritual”
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featuring: Luciano Troja piano, John Murchison bass and
Blaise Siwula alto/sop/tenor sax & clarinet
As a cd digipak and digital download.

“Past the Future”
Featuring: Carsten Radtke guitar, Joe Hertenstein drums and
Blaise Siwula saxophones and clarinet
As a 1 cd digipak and digital download.
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“Songs for Albert”
featuring Shiro Onuma drums and Blaise Siwula tenor/alto sax
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“Sometimes The Journey Is A Vision”
by D’istante3 - Luciano Troja piano, Giancarlo Mazzù guitar/drums/vocals
Blaise Siwula alto/tenor sax & clarinet
available soon on CD Baby and itunes
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Mérida Encuentro - Mérida Swings (in 7 parts)
Blaise Siwula clarinet/alto sax
Armando Martin acoustic & electric guitar
Edgar Caamal drums/percussion
Alvar Canto Torres electric guitar
available on
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“Call Red Dragon”
from Stone Arabia:

Robyn Siwula violin and viola Mike Irwin trumpet Dmitry Ishenko bass Brian Adler drums. Guest alto saxophonist Blaise Siwula nfm-003 ®NoFrillsMusic.Com ©stonearabianyc Stone Arabia is a Village in the Mohawk Valley of New York.
cover design – Masayuki Ote
Available on CDBaby!

Just Released:

"New York Encuentro"
New York Encuentro was recorded after several tours with Katsuyuki Itakura and Blaise Siwula
in Japan and the USA. Originally formed as “Big Hearts” they found a kindred spirit in Richard Gilman-Opalsky
a drummer who also has several degrees in political philosophy. Pianist Katsuyuki Itakura  (b. 42) or “Kats”
(as he’s more commonly known) has been playing jazz piano in Japan since his teens.
He met saxophonist Blaise Siwula at the C.O.M.A. series in NYC in 2004 and a partnership was born
which produced the “Big Hearts” cd release on Cadence Jazz Records in 2006.
“New York Encuentro” steps ahead and covers a new spectrum of jazz music from
the smoky ballad to full force free jazz and a few references to Eric Satie by Kats.
Richard’s drums are a constant reminder that improvised music should maintain a concise direction.
The title – New York Encuentro was Richard’s inspiration.
Encuentros were the meetings, or "encounters" the Mexican Zapatistas organized in Chiapas after their rebellion in 1994.
People from outside Mexico came together for the encounters for a unique moment to exchange ideas and try to build something together,
then they dispersed. The Zapatistas also sometimes called these meetings "Intergalacticas", since they were all in one space
but exceeded the boundaries of that space.
Available on CdBaby!
1.NYd Encuentros Cover

Blaise Siwula "Live in London"
recorded Dec. 9th & 17th, 2008 at The Jazz Rumours (Cross Kings) and
FlimFlam (Ryans) Solo Tenor Sax and Solo Clarinet including one track
with Alan Wilkinson on Bari Sax.
available at
Metropolis the Shop along with - Fulgornatus, Projection:Zero,
New York Moments & Brooklyn Moments and CDBaby

Live in London Cover
These shows book ended a quick tour in Portugal (Lisbon & Porto)
I arrived in London on Dec 9th did the first show. On Dec. 10th Barbara and I flew to Lisbon.
Then we returned to London on Dec. 17th did the second show and flew home on the 18th.We did get to see the Rothko – Seagrams show
at the Tate never the less.
These tracks were all spontaneously composed pieces before a warm audience of local musicians and enthusiasts.
This cd is the first release for and I hope more to follow soon.

a site dedicated to improvised music presenting mp3s cds
and concert information. Although the main focus will be on Brooklyn/NYC
there will be info regarding collaborations from around the world in yet another
attempt to expand the network of creative artists.

Check out Blaise Siwula for more information. also C.O.M.A., 
free music * free mind * free world , Metropolis the Free Jazz Shop ,
Dom Minasi & re:konstruKt Records ABC NO-Rio , & Ge-Suk Yeo
Big Hearts Erie Nites Projection:Zero  Fulgornatus & Awkward Bill

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